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Ghost Box


 E-commerce Redesign 

Ghost Box is an independent, UK based record label. Their vision is to create a haunting, imaginary soundscape inspired by British TV soundtracks, 60's horror movies, vintage electronic music and English psychedelia.

I designed an alternate e-commerce site that focuses on improving their existing online shop.

My Role  

Product Re-Design



Methods & Tools

Market Analysis




Information Architecture



UX & UI Design




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The Challenge 

I took on the challenge of redesigning the online shop of Ghost Box record company. It has been renewed a few months after I worked on the project. However, in my opinion, it still has its flaws.

I set out to modernize the website by simplifying the product categorization, improving navigation among categories, adding the needed filtering options and making it user-friendly.


Screenshot of the initial online shop.

The online shop targets people between the ages 20-50 who enjoy this alternative genre of vintage electronic music and enthusiasts of the British film and TV culture of the 60's - 70's. While they have a wide international following, the majority of their listeners are from London*.



 Project Goals 


Improve the virtual store experience

✓  Simplify the product categorization

✓  Improve navigation among categories

✓  Enable sorting options of the product lists


Set a system

✓  Modernize the shop front

✓  Design it in a way that communicates with the target audience


Design anew

✓  Modernize the shop front

✓  Design it in a way that communicates with the target audience


ghostbox wireframe-3.jpg
ghostbox wireframe-4.jpg



From the sketch stage to the final shop front illustration

cover illu.jpg

 Design & Branding 

In order to give the online shop a clean look and get rid of the busyness of the shop front, I had to come up with a new type of a user flow which supports the renewed digital branding.


All the sound-related products are listed underneath the 'Audio' panel; such as vinyls, CDs, album downloads.


All the other miscellaneous products are listed underneath the 'Merchandise' panel; such a posters, t-shirts, stickers.


Instead of appearing in the shop front, the artist names are placed inside the 'Artists' category, accompanying the other two product filtering options.


Using a distinguished color scheme, I emphasized the new product categorization in a way that also connects with the site and brand's atmosphere.






MAC MOCKUP-sml.png
MAC MOCKUP-sml.png
MAC MOCKUP-sml.png

Easier Filtering Options

allows a more user-friendly

experience for the versatile

product options.

Artist + About Links​

takes you to the Ghost Box ​record label's official website.


filter bar moves up and becomes a sticky bar underneath

the menu bar.

scrolls down for the complete list view of the products

Shop Command

Search Bar

locates all the products

related to the key word 

that's being searched.

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