Hello there!
I'm Aida, a UX/UI designer and illustrator

Based in Tel-Aviv, born and bred in Istanbul; flourished in New York. 

I spend my spare time with music discovery, video editing and trying to watch as many Criterion movies as possible.

SAM Seamless Network

From top to toe, renewed website design of SAM following their rebranding. I was in charge of the UX/UI of the desktop and mobile website. Project led by Studio Tennis.

Flambu App

Addition of 'Open a Public Request' feature inside the app +

User's journey how to get there through 'Search Item' + 'Item Not Found' illustration.

Dating App

A self-initiated dating app design based on the user's music taste that syncs with their Spotify or Apple Music account.


An alternative, self-initiated approach to the e-commerce website of GhostBox - the British alternative record label.



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